Butter in Coffee?

Butter in Coffee?

Coffee. You wake up to it in the morning and it sustains you all day. Over half of the adult population in America drinks coffee everyday, 54% to be exact. But how can you make your coffee even better? Butter of course.

Okay it sounds odd, but Bulletproof coffee is sweeping the nation. Coffee and organic grass fed butter seems like it would conflict and yet it works. Not only does it taste good but it is actually good for you as well. It provides you with your daily caffeine fix while also giving you mental clarity. Bulletproof coffee is also suppresses hunger and helps with weight loss, so it is useful in that manner as well.

Coffee and butter is somewhat like breakfast in a cup, not a breakfast of champions mind you, but a good form of sustenance nonetheless. It satisfies multiple needs and can sustain you throughout your day. The simplicity of it is incredible and making it at home is super easy. All you need is soft, unsalted butter and coffee (you don’t want salt in your coffee, so make sure it is unsalted butter). When you are testing out your bulletproof coffee be sure to store your butter in a Butter Bay to make the process seamless and easy, just like your coffee should be!   

It is an unlikely pairing but it could change the way you start your morning! What are your thoughts on putting butter in coffee. Let us know in the comments if you think it is brilliant or crazy!

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