Keeping the Butter Bay as an American made product was extremely important to us, we believe in the American Dream and want to keep our economy rich for others to live it along side us. Every step of our process has been completed in America and is benefitting our workforce. The Butter Bay design was created by the Scarrow family working with clay models to try and find the right shape and fit for a cube of butter. From there we took it to Boise State University in Idaho to be perfected and tested using 3D printing technology. Once we had the design just right we moved on to try and find a manufacturer that coincided with our American made goal.

We spent a lot of time and research to find just the right place to manufacture our product. After a long search we found American Mug and Stein in East Liverpool, Ohio, the pottery capital of America. Each and every Butter Bay is handcrafted using the slip-cast method at their facility in Ohio. These decisions were made to benefit American workers and to allow us the ability to oversee all of the manufacturing and ensure high quality and safety standards. When storing foods it is extremely important to consider the types of materials you use. We made the choice to use stoneware for Butter Bay as it does not release toxins into the food it contains and won’t have any influence over the taste and flavor of your butter.

The Butter Bay came about as a solution to an age old problem and an improvement to an existing product. We are committed to making the best possible product and have put a lot of thought into each step of our process. You can be sure you are getting quality and supporting American manufacturing when you choose Butter Bay.

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