Re Organizing your Kitchen for the New Year

Re Organizing your Kitchen for the New Year

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Well we are almost a month into 2017. How are those resolutions going? If you need another thing to add to that “to do” list I have just the thing. What better way to start the New Year than be re organizing your kitchen?! Fun stuff right! Hopefully this can be a quick reminder/check list for you when you decide to take on that feat.


Tupperware is kind of like socks. You put the container and the lid into the dishwasher and only half comes out. This leaves you with mismatched Tupperware sets that serve little purpose without the other half. Not to mention that your Tupperware may be stained by old food or broken or cracked from over use. My suggestion, start over. Get rid of all the unusable Tupperware and just get a new set. If you are looking to re up take a look at these food storage containers.

Clean out the Refrigerator

Okay this one can be a pain, but once you are done it is such a weight lifted. Clean out the old food, get rid of your leftovers from two weeks ago and organize that over stuffed freezer! Once you organize your freezer you will have more room for that ice cream you know you want J

Clean appliances

Okay this is never a fun thing to do but alas it must be done. Deep clean your microwave, coffeepot/Keurig, get a new filter for your water, and sweep the crumbs out of your toaster oven. It may seem like overkill but those appliances can get grimy really quickly and it is always nice just getting all of your kitchen appliances cleaned at once

Tidy counter

Overtime it seems like somehow your counter starts to shrink. Slowly but surely you start to accumulate useless stuff on your counter that is doing nothing more than cluttering your kitchen and taking up space. Find a new home for all of the nick knacks and random things that have found their way onto your counter. This also has the added perk of making more room for your Butter Bay. It will make your kitchen feel bigger and you will have more wiggle room when you are cooking and baking in your home.

Organize junk drawer

Every kitchen have a junk drawer. Well at least mine does. A drawer filled to the brim with random household necessities. Anything from scissors, tape, pens, batteries, paperclips, pretty much anything you could ever need. I know it’s not typically important to organize this space because it is so cluttered with random stuff but it could be a nice way to get rid on unnecessary things in your home and make room for more goodies!

Those are just a couple things you can do to get your kitchen space feeling clean and fresh for the New Year! What other ways do you tidy your kitchen and home! Let me know in the comments or on Facebook. We love to hear from our readers. You butter believe it!

Butter vs. Olive Oil

Butter vs. Olive Oil

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What’s the difference?

Butter and olive oil are two of the most used ingredients in the kitchen. It would be hard to find a common household that doesn’t have these two cooking must haves. Although they are simple ingredients they manage to elevate dishes seamlessly and we have much heartier meals because of them!  Here are a couple differences between butter and olive oil and different ways you can use each of them.

The Differences between the Two

Butter is made from fat and protein found in milk. Typically we use the milk of a cow to make butter but you can use sheep or goat milk as well. It is made by churning fresh cream or milk. There are many types of butter including, but not limited to, salted, unsalted, grass-fed, clarified butter, and cultured butter. Butter can be stored in the refrigerator to keep it cool or hard, or it can be left at room temperature to stay soft. If you do leave your butter at room temperature you want to be sure to use a Butter Bay so your butter doesn’t go rancid!

Butter is often preferred for recipes that need creaming because it is thicker and will take better. Also if you are baking something like croissants or cake butter is typically favored!

Olive oil is the fat that is retrieved from the olive. Olives are a fruit grown on trees and these trees are now grown throughout the world, although they are native to the Mediterranean. The olives are harvested from the trees and pressed to extract the olive oil. You will normally see olive oil labeled as “virgin” or “extra virgin” which refers to how much that olive oil has been processed.  Olive oil is stored in a dry dark place and is not refrigerated.

Olive oil is used more often when you can’t or don’t want to include dairy in your meal. Also if you are looking for a lighter alternative to butter, so if you are making a salad veggies olive oil may be the way to go!

Those are a few of the main differences between the two! Which one do you prefer using when you are cooking and baking?

Butter in Coffee?

Butter in Coffee?

Coffee. You wake up to it in the morning and it sustains you all day. Over half of the adult population in America drinks coffee everyday, 54% to be exact. But how can you make your coffee even better? Butter of course.

Okay it sounds odd, but Bulletproof coffee is sweeping the nation. Coffee and organic grass fed butter seems like it would conflict and yet it works. Not only does it taste good but it is actually good for you as well. It provides you with your daily caffeine fix while also giving you mental clarity. Bulletproof coffee is also suppresses hunger and helps with weight loss, so it is useful in that manner as well.

Coffee and butter is somewhat like breakfast in a cup, not a breakfast of champions mind you, but a good form of sustenance nonetheless. It satisfies multiple needs and can sustain you throughout your day. The simplicity of it is incredible and making it at home is super easy. All you need is soft, unsalted butter and coffee (you don’t want salt in your coffee, so make sure it is unsalted butter). When you are testing out your bulletproof coffee be sure to store your butter in a Butter Bay to make the process seamless and easy, just like your coffee should be!   

It is an unlikely pairing but it could change the way you start your morning! What are your thoughts on putting butter in coffee. Let us know in the comments if you think it is brilliant or crazy!

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