Tips to Make Baking Easy and Fun for Kids

Tips to Make Baking Easy and Fun for Kids

Baking or cooking with children may seem like a daunting task. They are excited, energetic and enthusiastic about everything, so being able to harness that energy and make a fun baking activity for kids can be overwhelming. If you are looking to start baking with your kids or just want a fun activity with children then here are a few tips on how to make baking fun and simple for kids!  


Simple Recipes

This is key especially if it is your first time in the kitchen with children. You want to make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew. Choosing a simple kid friendly recipe can make the experience fun for you and the kiddos. You want to make sure you don't pick something that takes too long to make so that the kids don't get too impatient, but you also want it to be a fun experience.


I recommend starting off with something like cookies, or rice crispy treats. That way the kids are able to get their hands dirty and help you out, and in the end they get a delicious treat. The more you bake with the kids the more complex your recipes can become, but when you are just starting off easy recipes are the way to go!  


Easy Ingredients

To start off you don't want to bake with ingredients that are too difficult for kids to handle. If you are able to pre-measure ingredients and have the little ones pour them together and mix them that can take some of the stress out of the process as well. There are also small things you can do that will also make the process more hands on for kids for example using soft butter for cookies so they are able to scoop it and mix it more easily.  


Safe Work Station

This is extremely important because definitely don’t want a fun activity to end badly because of a baking accident. If you have a small table or counter for the kids to work at with all their cooking materials around them that can be the best way monitor what they are doing and make sure they are being safe. You can make sure to do all of your cutting and preheating the “adult area” while the kids do the mixing and dough rolling in their area. This will keep the baking experience fun and keep smiles on everyone's face!


Colorful toppings

Kids love colorful foods and toppings. Making the baking experience colorful with give the kids something exciting to look forward to and make their creation personal. If you have multiple kids cooking you can make somewhat of a candy buffet so kids can choose what topping and mixings they want in their creation.


Make eating fun!

After everything is all said and done make the experience last by making a tea party to eat your delicious creations, you can even wrap some of your treats up and make little gift bags to share them. If that is not in the game plan you can always get out some milk and you and the kids can enjoy your hard work while indulging in a sweet snack made with some awesome little helpers.  

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