Everyone knows that butter is a tasty addition to many food dishes, but what else can butter do? It is found in almost any household, so it's always on hand and easily accessible! Make you butter go the extra mile with these unusual uses for butter.


Getting glue, sap, or food stuck on your hands is not only gross, but sometimes it can be difficult to get off. Rubbing butter on your hands can remove almost any sticky substance from your skin. But wait, there's more! Have you ever gotten gum stuck in your hair? Well, it is a pain to meticulously free your hair from the gooey mess! If you are ever caught in that sticky situation the oils from the butter can help loosen the gum from each strand of hair. Put the butter in your hair and over the gum and it will hopefully save you from getting an unfortunate haircut.



There are countless DIY recipes for skin and nail care on the internet, but sometimes going back to the basics is the best option. Rubbing butter on cracked or rashed skin will not only soothe the irritated skin, but it can help mend and replenish moisture. As an added bonus, it can make your hands softer. Butter is also good for your cuticles and will ultimately help your nails stay healthy.



Getting a ring stuck on your finger is not something people try to do, but somehow it happens all the time. Rubbing some butter under and around the ring will give you just enough glide to get it over your stubborn knuckle and back in the jewelry box. This is a classic solution but still useful nonetheless.



Everyone knows they can use butter in food, however, did you know you can use butter to help you slice food as well? Spreading a soft layer of butter onto a knife will make it easier to slice through stubborn foods like cake or brownies, without it crumbling. Using a Butter Bay for getting soft butter makes this process even more simple, and a little extra butter on your food is never a bad thing right?!



If you are all out of WD40 and have a squeaky door hinge, rub some butter on it and that will solve your problem. Plus, why go off spending extra money on something that can be solved with butter. No one likes the annoyance of a noisy door!


We all know butter tastes awesome and now we know some other day to day things butter can be used for. What other unusual uses have you found for butter?

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