What's the Deal with Organic Butter?

In general, butter is usually evaluated based on it’s freshness, fat content and salt levels. Salted butter has a longer shelf life and helps preserve the butter. The downfall to salted butter is because it generally lasts longer than unsalted, manufacturers can use older cream and sell older butter. This leaves the quality of salted butter typically lower than that of unsalted, but it does mean it will last in your fridge a lot longer. This is still relevant even in organic butter. 
When evaluating the difference between organic and inorganic butter it really comes down to the potential contaminants in the dairy that is used. The organic dairy cows are not exposed to, or are exposed to less pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins. This means that you won't have those contaminants trickling down the food chain into your butter. Many people feel that minimizing our exposure to harmful chemicals can lead to a healthier life, and eating organic is one way to do this.

Organic vs Grass Fed

The difference between organic and grass fed butter is pretty simple. We’ve already stated what makes organic butter unique, but grass fed is from cows who have grazed only on pasture and dried forage. This is different than most other dairy cows who are sometimes pasture fed but almost always are supplemented with feed. The benefit to grass fed is the micro nutrients. Because the cows are being fed grass instead of corn or soy based feed the dairy they produce has a better nutrient profile including higher levels of the “good stuff” in butter.

It’s important to note the difference between the two. Grass fed dairy could be organic but it doesn’t have to be, and vice versa.

Still fits in a Butter Bay

Regardless of the type of butter you choose you will always be able to load it into your Butter Bay. Better yet, it is the perfect compliment to your conscientious butter choices as it is 100% safe and won't transfer any hazardous chemicals to your butter when you’re storing it.

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