Our Story

Breakfast sparks an idea

Hi, I’m Jerry Scarrow, inventor of The Butter Bay. This is an invention born out of personal need.

One morning in 2005, I was sitting over a perfect breakfast of bacon and eggs, frustrated with my inability to spread butter on my toast. The butter from the fridge was cold and hard, and I had to use little shavings just to spread it. The bell-shaped butter crock we owned was empty. It worked well enough, but it was always empty because it was a pain to load and made a huge mess.

“If only the crock was the shape of the butter cube.” I thought. “Then you could take the butter right from the fridge, unwrap it, and put it directly in the holder. No struggling to reshape it, no big mess, and no trying to smear hard butter on my toast!”

I couldn’t believe no one had thought of this simple concept. But I looked everywhere, and couldn’t find anything close. I knew I’d have to make it myself.

Fast Forward to 2014, and we’ve created the Butter Bay! You can now have soft butter available 24/7, with no additives, and no refrigeration! Our butter crock is easy to load, effortless to use, and looks beautiful enough for your Thanksgiving Dinner.

Special thanks to my wife, Erica, and my daughters, Sydney, Lily & Amelia, as well as Stephanie Inman (friend and ace graphic designer) for their help and support.

Every component of Butter Bay production benefits American Workers- from design to manufacturing to packaging. By creating Butter Bay, we’ve lived the American Dream. We’ve taken an existing concept, made it better for our customers, and created American jobs, providing those involved an opportunity to make a fair and reasonable profit. What could be better than that?

The Butter Bay is the result of a team effort. Dean Estes is responsible for the artistic inspiration of the design. Calvin at Boise State’s New Product Development Lab helped us refine our several prototypes, all developed using 3D printing. After much searching for the perfect manufacturer, we found Clyde McClellan at American Mug and Stein in East Liverpool, Ohio. Clyde and his crew handcraft quality stoneware the old-fashioned way. Each Butter Bay is made using the slip-cast method, finished by hand, and kiln-fired in a factory that was built in the early 1900's.

At Butter Bay, we believe that every product our company purchases should be made in the USA. Our packaging is printed locally as well, by PSI Packaging Services in Connellsville, Pennsylvania.


For those of you unfamiliar with the idea of a butter crock, here is some explanation.

French Butter Crocks, also known as French Butter Dishes, are made to keep butter soft and spreadable without going rancid. Butter Crocks are designed with two parts: a base that holds water, and a lid with a cup that holds the butter. The butter sits upside down in the top, suspended above the water, which creates an airtight seal to keep oxygen away from the butter. This method keeps butter fresh and delicious for 3-4 weeks.